29/05/2021 – Training shift – rex green

Shift Report:

Fela was up and about in his room at 10am. He was making rapid vocal noises(humming) while in the shower at 10.20 He was agitated and vocal while in shower.

Fela came to the lounge at 11am and sat at the table. Had breakfast after prayers, stayed seated at the table for a while, then moved to the rocking chair. He asked for time alone at 11.20am.  After time alone we sat with Fela and he had a game of cards with Zoe. The Zoe cleaned his keloids.  She applied Tiger Balm, Fela became agitated again. Stamping feet and rocking vigorously in his chair. We let Fela calm down alone, and once calmed he sat down for lunch. Said prayer, ate neat and tidy. After lunch Fela sat in rocking chair. Claire asked Fela if he wanted a DVD but he asked for music. Then he asked for five, so we did some chores.  Claire asked Fela again if he wanted a DVD. Fela said yes and chose Annie. We sat with Fela while he watched it. On writing this report Fela was still watching the DVD happily.

Arousal States – Start: End: Did his state change? to Did he have a bowel movement? Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Why no exercise?