29/08/2021 – Morning & Afternoon shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report:

Fela has been vocal from the time he arrived at 9:30, and is currently being vocal in the bath. It may be that the effect of the antibiotic on his face – the shrinking and the sloughing off of dead skin is unsettling him. He was not unhappy but seemed tense most of the day, and has been sweating profusely.

The key features of the day were as follows:

  • playing the tongue drum to George Benson music.
  • watching Breathe church service online.
  • listening to Sister Act 2 songs on youtube e.g. ‘I will follow him’ followed by performances from ‘Glee’ which he chose.
  • After lunch, he chose some more Glee songs.
  • Nanna Hazel rang and Fela said hello to her and blew her a kiss.
  • Fela watched T.D. Jakes sermon on youtube.
  • Fela did some cutting out of fruit, glasses, various healthy foods and trainers from a sports magazine.
  • Fela chose to do his foot physio exercises by rolling the ball under his feet.
  • Fela chose the music he wanted to listen to on youtube by pointing to the next video after each song. He chose some Brownstone, Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton.
  • After dinner Fela requested hot chocolate so often that I decided to give him some followed by Sleepwell tea.

Fela’s bandages were changed at 14:30. During the rest of the day his bandages were shifting because he was sweating so much. I used Clinipore – a type of microporpus tape – to secure the Hypafix which had come loose.

Arousal States – Start: 2a – Vocal End: 2a – Vocal Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Why no exercise?Fela has been rocking on the armchair and has been up and down constantly and fidgeting with objects before pointing to the music video he wants on the tv screen.