30/05/2020 – Afternoon shift – zoe ball

Shift Report:

Fela was sitting in the living room when I arrived at 1330. I said hello to fela then went to have handover. Fela was listening to music.

At 1400, Claire cleaned fela’s keloids and then fela asked for a lie down and a head massage. Claire gave him a head massage and he began to nod off at 1410.

At 1430, fela got up and went to use the toilet to pass urine. Then fela lay back down. I removed his socks and closed the curtains. At 1440, fela appeared to be asleep.

I woke fela at 1515 and he went to sit on the loo while I made him a cup of tea. Fela passed a small bowel movement. Fela appeared to be falling asleep on the toilet. We coaxed him to finish as his snack was ready. Fela ate this in the chair and he drank his tea.

At 1600, claire did the board with fela which he seemed happy with. At 1625, I cleaned fela’s keloids again as he had been picking at the left one. I gave fela a cotton pad with aloe gel on to apply to his self. Fela was listening to music.

Fela began to fall asleep while I was making dinner, so Claire encouraged fela to do some writing at 1655.

Dinner was ready at 1735. We said prayer and all ate together. When fela was finished. I took his plate and then got him some ice cream with Hazel nuts and chia seeds. At 1805, while sat at the table, fela began to get agitated while eating his ice cream. We asked fela what was wrong but he didn’t signal in anyway. And got louder and jumping in his seat. So Claire and I left him to calm down. When he was quiet again. I asked fela if he had a headache and he tapped his head twice. I offered him some tiger balm, which he declined.

At 1815, fela went and sat down again in his chair and relaxed while listening to music.

At 1830, Claire cleaned his keloids again as he was still picking at the left one.

At 1840 we put little women on and all sat down to watch it. At 1910, a new board was done.

At 1915, Claire gave fela a pot of aloe gel to apply to his own keloids to try and sooth them as he was still picking at the left one.

At 1940, fela had a cup of tea and we tried to keep him awake as he was falling asleep again.

I played cards with fela to keep him engaged but this only lasted 2 rounds until he put them away and said no.

Still promoting fela to stay awake, he had his snack at 2000. This took him a while to eat. But when he was finished. Fela has since livened up.

Mama called at 2030 and fela was rocking, hissing, clicking and giggling. He was on the phone to mama for around 15 minutes.

I encouraged fela to the bathroom at 2050. He sat on the loo and passed urine and got undressed very quickly. He got in the bath and did his bath time routine very well.

At present, fela is lay down in the bath, smiling and splashing.

Fela has taken all his daily supplements.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 2a – Vocal but happy Fela has been baseline for most of the shift. After dinner, fela got very agitated, for a around 5 minutes. But also happy vocal after his snack and when on the phone to mama. Fela has been very sleepy this evening. Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Non assigned and fela was tired.