Activities wc Sunday 2 April

The Activity planner will be ready for printing tomorrow morning when staff come on for the day shift.
*I will aim to doublecheck the 'print-week' version early tomorrow morning as it is does not show on the website until Sunday.
Please bear in mind the following:
-The next two weeks will be the Easter holidays so all activities are aimed at avoiding crowded areas. If you arrive somewhere and it is crowded, you will need to reconsider whether it is safe for Fela to attend. You can explain to him that there are too many people and offer him an alternative.
-Sunday: there is NO visit to Green Pastures.
-Monday: The car wash is due at the beginning of every month starting on Monday.
– Thursday: There is no Gym on the Planner for this week in order to avoid crowds.
– Friday: There is Aquafit class on Friday even though it is Good Friday.
-Saturday: Drumming is yet to be confirmed.

Have a safe & positive week!
Happy April!