04/09/2019 – Morning & Afternoon shift – chloe power

Shift Report: Fela was upstairs finishing his morning routine when I arrived on shift. He came down and started his breakfast. Fela ate extremely slow but did not want staff in the room with him but we did encourage him to eat but he kept staring blankly infront of him and not eating. Fela finally […]

04/09/2019 – Morning & Afternoon shift – maxine dale

Shift Report: On Arrival finished Felas morning routine, he came down stairs and had his breakfast as on the meal planner and had all his suppliments then sat down and listend to music, Rachael came in and said hi to Fela and did the teach board  to show Fela the activities for the morning  Fela […]

03/09/2019 – Evening shift – april trevelyan

Shift Report: Fela was happy and smiling doing education with Andrew at the start of my shift. While he did this I did the supplement pots for the next three days. After education Fela sat for a short while listening to the radio before having dinner. We all said grace before eating and Fela ate […]

02/09/2019 – Afternoon shift – maxine dale

Shift Report: On Arrival Fela was in his chair listening  to music, Rachael did the board and Fela was happy. I prepared evening meal while Rachael did Fela a facial trim. After preparing our meal we all got ready to.go flip out. At flip out Fela really enjoyed it full of energy big smile on […]

03/09/2019 – Morning shift – april trevelyan

Shift Report: Fela was happy on arrival, we prepared Fela for shopping and drove to aldi. While in aldi Fela walked around very happy. Fela used the toilet in aldi then we drove to the co op. Fela had his snack in the car. After the co op we drove to fresh ways. Once shopping […]

01/09/2019 – Day shift – maxine dale

Shift Report: Came in on shift Fela was still upstairs Fela was vocal but with prompt off April he eventually came down as I was doing Felas breakfast, Rachael sat at the table and said prayer with Fela and had his breakfast. Fela had his snack then we all went to breathe,  Fela enjoyed the […]