Fela dressing

Staff are reminded to ensure that Fela is dressed appropriately. When he is doing his morning routine, ensure that you offer him clothes which are appropriate for the weather. If clothes do not fit properly, please explain this to Fela and choose alternatives which fit. For example, Fela has a long torso so all his […]

Education this week

The Education sessions for this week are as follows: – TUESDAY 10 September: 4 – 5pm. – WEDNESDAY 11 September: 5 – 6pm. – THURSDAY 12 September: 4 – 5pm. – FRIDAY 13 September: 5 – 6pm. Thank you for your co-operation! Carla

Education this week

EDUCATION this week Education times for this week are: – TUES 3 September: 4-5 pm. – WED 4 September: 4-5 pm. – THURS 5 September: 4-5 pm. – FRI 6 September: 4-5 pm. Thank you for your co-operation! Carla

Drumming Cancelled

This is just to confirm that Dan has cancelled drumming today due to there not being enough bookings at the school. He hopes to resume drumming next week Monday 9 September. Thank you for your co-operation! Carla