30/09/2023 – Sleep shift – kingsley osei

Shift Report: Fela had his sleepmix before assisting him to dry his body and went to his bedroom at 22:00 to continue his evening routine. Dressed in his pyjamas, keloids cleaned, brushed his teeth and in bed at 22:37, music volume turned down, lamp left on and toilet door left ajar after bedtime prayers was […]

30/09/2023 – Evening shift – kingsley osei

Shift Report: Turned up to cover my evening and sleep shift, met Fela having his evening snack, said hello to him and afterwards he started rocking and making guttural noises so we gave him space. PN handed over, petty cash checked and signed and I updated the TEACCH board with Fela, he did his foot […]

30/09/2023 – Day & Evening shift – mina adomako

Shift Report: Came for day and evening shift with paul said hello to fela. Anne handed over to us and petty cash was signed. I began with baking and Paul also did household chores and updated the teacch board with fela. Drumming was cancelled because he was on Amber. He was noticed to have running […]

30/09/2023 – Day shift – paul njenga

Shift Report: Came for my shift in the morning , fela was already sitted having his breakfast, petty cash was signed and got a handover from Anne, Carla called and some instructions for the day since Fela was on Amber, hence drumming was cancelled,  board was updated and fela had his bowl licking, chores we […]

30/09/2023 – Sleep shift – anne maingi

Shift Report: Fela was out of Bath at 9.50pm. Went upstairs and did the night routine. He was in bed at 10.32pm. He remained awake and fell asleep at 12.30am,,he slept through and woke up at 3.30am and went to toilet passed urine,came back to bed and slept. He woke up again at 5:00am this […]

29/09/2023 – Evening shift – anne maingi

Shift Report: Came for my shift and found Dan & Kingsley,got brief handover and petty cash signed. I said hello to fela and updated the board, Fela was served with supplements, dinner and hot chocolate tea. After dinner he rested abit and did gymball. After gym ball Kingsley shaved him and cleaned his keloids, He […]

29/09/2023 – Day & Evening shift – kingsley osei

Shift Report: Turned up for my shift, PN handed over to DW & I, Fela was on amber alert, vocally unhappy after having his breakfast, agitated and this lasted for 5 minutes after he was settle in his sofa relaxed to music, DW updated the TEACCH board with him and he agreed. At half past […]

29/09/2023 – Day shift – daniel washington

Shift Report: <span;>On arrival Fela was eating his breakfast I said hi to Fela and then had handover from Paul. Carla then rang to inform us that there would be no aquafit today because were still on the waiting list but to offer walk in the neibourhood instead. While taking his supplements Fela became adjitated […]

28/09/2023 – Sleep shift – paul njenga

Shift Report: Fela was out of bath by 10.00, had his sleepmix,  went upstairs and completed his evening routine, he brushed his teeth and was in bed by 10.30, he fell asleep by 1:40, sleept until 6:00, when he woke up, supplement, tea and a banana were served at 7:10, he had a shower and […]

28/09/2023 – Evening shift – paul njenga

Shift Report: Came for my shift inthe evening Fela was sitted in his couch listening to music,  signed petty cash and got a handover from Mina,  chores were done as Kingsley prepared his dinner,  we did the handle exercises and foot physio,  food was served at the table and after dinner he continued to relax […]