Causes and treatment of Fela’s keloids

Fela is currently awaiting plastic surgery on his facial keloids.

Keloids are a type of scarring which probably form as a result of an abnormal wound healing process in predisposed individuals. Fela is prone to ingrowing hairs on his face because of his kinky afro beard. They also tend to occur more in dark skinned individuals. They are benign, fibrous tumours which do not regress but tend to multiply.

The plastic surgeon whom Fela consulted in October 2019, recommends cryosurgery which will involve several procedures under general anaesthetic where liquid nitrogen is inserted via a needle probe into the keloid and then frozen. This will destroy the core of the scar through direct cell injury and vascular injury akin to frostbite.

After a complete thawing of the scar, slight bleeding from the penetration points may be noticed which will stop spontaneously after a few minutes. Antibiotic ointment and sterile dressing are then applied to the treated scar. A blister will develop for 5-7 days followed by the appearance of a dry crust. It is recommended that the area be kept clean and antibiotic ointment continue to be applied until full healing of the scar.

A minimum of three months must be allowed between administration of general anesthetics.