Cinema confirmation

This is to confirm that three seats have been booked to see 'Pinnochio' tomorrow 18 August at Cineworld, Hanley from 16:50. The tickets are in the white document wallet in Zoe's drawer.

The authorisation letter may still be in Fela's purse; please remember to return this to the document wallet in Zoe's drawer once you return home. This ensures we will always know where to find it.

Feel free to change to more comfortable seats which are available if the ones booked are too close to the screen. I book them because of quick access to the toilet without disturbing other cinema goers.

Remember to pack:
– dinner
– tickets x 3
– authorisation letter
– identity badges
– mask exemption badges
– £ 3 change for parking ( after 4pm it should be less)

Hope it goes well!