Disappearing Pens

Pens have a habit of disappearing from Fela's premises. This week, two blue 'Cartridge save' pens have been brought there for use by the team. Should anyone inadvertently take a pen home, kindly ensure you bring it back.

Ideally, there should be a total of 6 pens:
– 1 for petty cash tin
– 1 for food record
– 1 by computer to take phone messages etc.
– 1 in staff room to take phone messages etc.
– 1 in kitchen to write food labels
– 1 in car for car log.

Recording in pencil is not acceptable as this is not permanent and an be easily changed. Please try to keep each pen in its place, and let management know when pens have run out of ink.

Thank you for your co-operation!