E45 cream for Fela’s Keloids

At Fela's recent consultation, Mr Singh, the Plastic Surgeon, recommended that we apply E45 cream to Fela's face throughout the day to prevent dryness. Dryness leads to itching which then leads to scratching. [see Medical Consultation Report online]

At the moment, Fela has E45 cream applied during his morning and evening routines. Please also apply during the day as necessary if the skin appear dry.

Please ensure the pump bottle of E45 currently kept in the Stock Box upstairs is brought down to Hall Cupboard 2 for easy access throughout the day.

Please remember to clean Fela's face with Witchhazel solution before applying the cream. Once Fela's face is clean, he can be prompted to clean his hands with hand wipes, then squeeze some of the E45 into his hand and then prompt him to rub into his face thoroughly. He enjoys the sensory feel of doing this, and it's good for him to take part in his treatment. However, you can do it for him if you don't think he is up to it.

Thank you for your co-operation!