Encouraging Fela.

Hi All.

If Fela as had a good night and appears to have slept well, please can we all encourage Fela to help with chores and to participate in exercise, while Fela is sitting in his chair, listening to music and watching films, he is resting so will not be tired at night time and will most probably not have a good night.

With positive encouragement from staff, Fela is more likely to participate in what is being asked of him, we all know that if you just ask Fela, do you want to go for a walk, he will reply with a No but if we do it it a fun positive way, Fela could well say yes.

If Fela as had a bad night we all know that chores and activities are scaled back or not done at all, so please keep following this.

We all need to be on board with this, for it to work.