Fela Chore

*Fela now has his own Yellow spray bottle and kitchen roll. This is for Fela to clean the table and other surfaces with, as he seems to like doing this. The bottle can be filled with a vinegar solution: 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water then label ‘Fela’ so we know it’s just for Fela to use. If Fela does lick, he will not be ingesting any harmful chemicals.

Fela is very good at imitating so this is a good way to teach him new skills e.g. folding clothes neatly.

Fela has a list of chores on his white board in the hall:

  • folding clothes, towels and bedding;
  • washing up;
  • after washing the dishes, you might wish to prompt Fela to take the new set of cutlery and arrange it in the drawer  in the dining room.
  • wiping surfaces indoors e.g. dining table, side tables, rocking chair

You might wish to add to these, but keep it short and simple and give him lots of praise.

Reward with sticker!

Washing Up



Jun 07 2021


16:00 - 16:15