Sep 20 2020


Times may vary depending on whether Fela requests a nap after lunch.
16:00 - 16:30

Manicure & Pedicure

This is an integral part of  personal care, and includes:

  • Frim: use nail clipper big to cut nail straight across, not at angle. Be careful not to go too low.
  • File: use wooden emery board – dark side for nails, light side for skin or nails if they have rough skin (Fela enjoys this).
  • Gently exfoliate skin around nails with nail file or footfile (see footcare plastic tub in Fela’s wardrobe on top shelf next to trimming kit) around nails for smoothing and sensory effect
  • Gently massage in emu/almond/castor oil to heal. This can be done after a foot spa if included in the routine.

*The darker side of the emery board is used to file Fela’s nails so that the edges are smooth; whilst the lighter side of the emery board is used to smoothen any hard or jaggedy skin around the nails.


*Please be aware that if Fela’s nails are too long, splintered or jaggedy, he will be prone to picking at them or is at risk of tearing off the nail or skin which may lead to bleeding. Should bleeding occur, apply witch hazel solution and pressure until it stops, then apply plaster if necessary.

*Fela’s  fingernails need to be done each week, and his toenail every fortnight. However, staff will need to look at hus nails when they are on shift to make sure they are okay.