Nov 15 2020


09:30 - 10:00

Social Story – ‘Sunday Visit Cancelled’

After two full weeks of celebratory Gatherings, Mama and Michael will be having a low key Sunday of no hosting on 21 March.

Every 4-6 weeks, Mama & Michael will take a break from hosting, so Fela will have lunch at his home and extra special treats will be substituted, and not to forget – a phone call from Mama to end the day!

Sunday Visit Cancelled version 3

Today Fela and staff will be having a ‘chippie tea’ for his dinner – gluten free large haddock or cod, GF large chips(for sharing), GF mushy peas, GF onion rings. All orders to total max £25[cash is accepted]

To be ordered at least 20 minutes before collection from Milton Chippy

Address: 1885 Leek Road, Milton, stoke on Trent ST2 7 AQ

Tel: 01782 766 634

Parking on same side of Milton Chippy in front of Chip shop or ‘Sew Good’  on pavement (use disability badge).