The book recommendation for today is ‘First Book of Nature’ by Nicola Davies, section on ‘Winter’. Read as much as you can or Fela can cope with.

This book contains lots of beautiful illustrations so take the time to point to the images and ask Fela to say the word, or ask Fela to point to certain images.

It is recommended that you both sit on the settee, and you use your right hand to guide Fela’s forefinger under each word as you read.

    • Read as much as Fela will tolerate and time will allow.
    • Prompt Fela to sit on the settee to your left, and put your hand lightly on his right hand and gently guide his forefinger to follow underneath the words as you read.
    • If Fela does not want to sit on the settee, you can also sit on the staff rocking chair in which case Fela will be on your left on the settee.
    • Try your best to read with drama and emotion.


Dec 26 2022


14:45 - 15:30