Fela dressing

Staff are reminded to ensure that Fela is dressed appropriately. When he is doing his morning routine, ensure that you offer him clothes which are appropriate for the weather.

If clothes do not fit properly, please explain this to Fela and choose alternatives which fit. For example, Fela has a long torso so all his vests, shirts, jumpers, cardigans and hoodies should cover the length of his torso when he raises his arms.

Fela does tend to overheat but he is also prone to chills. At this time of the year, he needs to wear two layers above the waist i.e. a vest and shirt or shirt and jumper/hoodie/cardigan. Remember to remind him to tuck the bottom layer into his trousers when he is out and about to prevent cold air from entering under his clothes.

Also, offer to assist him in adjusting his belt after he visits the loo as it gets twisted.

Any clothes which do not fit or need repairing must be put in the CUPBOARD above Fela's bed. Also, feel free to inform Zoe if there are new clothes which Fela needs.

A clothing shop will be done for Fela at the end of September.

Thank you for your co-operation!