Fela has NEW blue/orange Skechers trainers for use indoors including the gym. It is NOT to be used for walking outside in the park or on hikes where they can get wet or muddy as they are NOT waterproof.

We are trialling a pair of new gel insoles in these new trainers so they are not to be removed unless Fela shows discomfort. Please report back if you observe any negative effects of these new insoles. You may continue to use the hard orthotic insoles in his other shoes.

His old blue trainers with the red laces were in a bad state so have been discarded. Fela was told about this, and seemed okay with having them replaced.

For outdoor walking and hiking purposes, he has his Karrimor trainers and his hiking boots.

Please always double-check to ensure Fela's laces are tied securely.

Thank you for your co-operation!