Fela’s bed.

Hi Everyone.

When making Fela's bed in the morning, if we have not got to change the bedding, we need to make sure that the Kylie is in the correct position, that the Mattress Protector is on correctly and that the Top Sheet is pulled on correctly, we must not just pull the duvet over.

We need to make sure that his bed is made correctly for a number of reasons, the kylie will not do its job if up by Fela's shoulders, if the mattress protector and the top sheet are not on correctly, the ripples etc could cause Fela to feel uncomfortable, this could cause him to wake in the night, not be able to settle off to sleep properly and if the top sheet comes off in the night, due to not being securely fitted this will cause issues.

Please can we all make sure that we are following this and checking that the bed is made correctly each day.