Guide to Cleaning the Car

Guide to Contents of Car

Contents of Glove Box

Now/Next TEACCH cards in wallet [drive, shopping, education with Liz, snack, Mama & Michael’s house, swimming, butcher’s, home, Aldi shopping]


Lavender oil with hankie in clear plastic bag

Handbook – ‘Welcome to the Motability Scheme’

Laminated sign – ‘In Education with Liz; if need car moving please come and ask’

Emergency Lions Message in Bottle (contains Fela medical information in case of accident)

Hospital Passport

Contents of Front Middle Console

Blue Badge x 2


Contents of Car Boot

Extra seat protector


Black gilet for Fela


Box of grit

Contents of Plastic Box in Car Boot

Winter Hat

Winter Scarf

Portable urinal (cardboard)

De-icer (spray bottle)

Anti-freeze coolant

Large bite-pro jacket and armguards

Plastic shopping bag

Mini first aid kit


Back Seat Middle Console

Pack of playing cards

Rubix cube

Fidget toy