Hospital visit.

Hi All.

Today Fela as been to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, he went to see Dr Shivram Singh about treatment for his keloids.
This consultation went really well and Fela did absolutely brilliant.
Dr Singh as agreed to treat Fela's keloids, each one will be treated individually and there will be at least three months between each treatment. The treatment is a new treatment and its called Cryotherapy, this will involve Fela going under general anaesthetic to be treated, a needle will be inserted into the keloid to produce rapid scar freezing from the core outwards, this is by using liquid nitrogen, Dr Singh is very hopeful that he can help Fela and relieve his keloid symptoms, so today's visit as resulted in some very good news for Fela, Mama and Michael.
If anyone as any questions please feel free to speak to myself, Carla or Michael.