Meal Times

Hi Everyone.

Please can we all make sure that we sit with Fela at mealtimes.

This is for many reasons, social, to help Fela develop table skills, good table manners, to encourage neat and tidy, to encourage Fela to chew his food properly, elbows off the table etc

This will enable Fela to eat out in public without people staring at him.

If you have brought something different in, for your own meal and you don't feel that you should eat this in front of Fela, example fish and chips, pizza etc, please can you eat your meal before or after Fela has his meal.

It is part of our job role, to sit with Fela at mealtimes, the only times it's acceptable not to sit with Fela, is if Fela asks us to go or Fela is agitated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.