Medicines for Fela’s right keloid

It appears that Fela has been suffering with a swoollen right keloid since yesterday evening.

The locum GP at Leek Moorlands hospital has prescribed Flucloxacillin – antibiotic capsules and fusidic acid cream – antibiotic cream.
The capsules are to be taken 4 x daily as follows:
– after breakfast (with his supplements) x 1;
– after lunch (with his supplements) x 1;
– after dinner (with his supplements) x 1;
– before/after evening snack (with his bedtime kalms) x 1.
The prescription should last him until dinner time on Tuesday 3 March.
The cream is to be applied twice daily to the right infected keloid ONLY 2 x daily as follows:
– During morning routine.
– During evening routine.
Please continue to apply witchhazel solution, keloid cream, aloe propolis/gel to his left keloid as per usual.

Please AVOID using the facial scrub or trimmers on Fela's face until further notice.

A MEDICINES ADMINISTERED REPORT needs to be submitted on the website each time the antibiotic capsules and creams are administered.

Thank you for your co-operation!