Problem solving scenario 2

Fela has had a bad night of disturbed sleep. He appears happy enough in the morning. He is due to go drumming in the afternoon.  What should staff do?


  • If Fela is happy in the morning, proceed to get him up. If he is requesting more time to sleep, let him have a lie-in and if necessary, the staff who come in at 9:00 can do his morning routine when he is up and ready.
  • If Fela has got up at his normal time, give him half an hour to relax after breakfast, then do the TEACCH board. If Fela is happy, then go out for a short walk but keep it short and close to home e.g. neighbourhood walk or park closeby so you are close to home if he gets aroused.
  • Make sure to take snack with you in case of delay when out.
  • On return, prompt Fela to change into dry clothes, put on relaxing music  and proceed with lunch.
  • After lunch, encourage Fela to lie down on sofa to sleep , make room conducive for sleep e.g. close curtains, cover him with his big blanket, keep music low, unplug white phone and remove other handset, mobile and close kitchen door, avoid using washing machine or noisy devices.
  • If Fela isn’t happy to go for a walk, then have a low stimulation morning, and after his snack, prompt him to lie down on the sofa and have a sleep/rest before lunch.
  • When he wakes up ask him if he still wants to go to drumming using TEACCH board and “thumbs up, thumbs down” card/signs. If he does not want to go drumming, this may be a sign that he is extremely sleep deprived or possibly unwell. You will need to telephone Dan asap to cancel. 
  • The laminated pictures of the drum set can be packed for him to look at in the car.


N.B. 30-60 minutes of sleep will help to refresh him and make it easier for him to engage in drumming. Even lying down for 30-60 minutes without sleeping can help to restore his brain.