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Shift Report: Fela woke up at 7.20am , fela then went to the toilet , fela was on the toilet for a while, fela had

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Fela's neighbour at number 8 Deepdale Close has a driveway attached to Fela's driveway. They do not want Fela to come on to their drive

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date shift How was Fela's sleep
20/03/2023 Sleep Caution
20/03/2023 Evening
20/03/2023 Day & Evening
20/03/2023 Day
19/03/2023 Sleep Amber
date shift bowel movement normal? BristolScore blood with stool
20/03/2023 Day No
20/03/2023 Day & Evening Yes Yes No
20/03/2023 Evening No
20/03/2023 Sleep No
19/03/2023 Day Yes Yes No
19/03/2023 Day & Evening Yes Yes No
19/03/2023 Evening No
19/03/2023 Sleep Yes Yes No
18/03/2023 Day Yes Yes
18/03/2023 Day & Evening Yes Yes No