Teacch board

Hi everyone.

As most of you are aware have been working on reading fela teacch board and cards.
This is now complete and is ready to use.

The teacch cards are not begin stores differently they are begin kept in a folder and are layout in different section and are labelled. The folder is still beging kept in the top draw where all teach cards are broadly kept. Can ask when putting folder away if we put it in the draw with spine facing out wards so that it doesnt catch in the top of the draw when opening it.

Teacch board
Ad you well see we have gone from magnets to velcro. Fela board is now laid out with several strips of velcro there is 4 going horizontal and 2 strips going vertically.
The strips that go horizontally are placed for days of weeks, staff,weather and pollen count.
The vertical strips are for what fela is doing for the day the strips are side by side as some times there could be two things that could happen at the same time ie music and snack and also all the place that fela go has now got their own teacch card so when we put walk on next to it we can put where the walk is taking place.

I have also sent email ink using a picture with board set up in how thinking of it looking. If any questions please get in touch with myself, zoe or carla.
As you use the new cards if notice any that are missing could please let me or micheal know so can get them done and in circulation have gone through all of fela old cards and think have them all.

Thank you