Weather Changes.

Hi Everyone.

Due to the government lockdown on November the 5th, some of Fela's activities will have to stop during lockdown.

This means that getting Fela out for a walk is essential where possible.

Staff need to make sure that they have appropriate footwear, coat, change of clothes etc, incase you get wet while out walking, we have umbrellas available, but you can bring your own if you want to.

We all need to be prepared for all types of weather, it is extremely important, that if Fela as had a good night's sleep etc, that we get him out for a good walk because this is going to be the only activity that Fela will be able to do during lockdown, it isn't just vital for Fela's physical health, it's also vital for his mental health, we need to approach Fela's walks with lots of enthusiasm and encourage Fela as much as possible to participate in his walks.

Please make sure you bring with you each shift, or leave at Fela's house, appropriate shoe's and coat, for all weather types.