Learning Disability Health check on 09/01/2020

Fela was seen by the practice nurse, Nicola, who weighed him and asked questions about the family history, his diet and exercise. She also took Fela's blood pressure which was normal. Afterwards, he was seen by the doctor who checked his heart and lungs with the stethoscope and asked about his teeth and eyes. I […]

Orthotics follow up on 18/10/2019

Fela had new insoles fitted, the man made sure that Fela walked up and down to see if Fela walked well. He also told us to keep the old insoles so that if Fela had any problems with new insoles, they could be repaired . Also, we are to keep a check on Fela's feet […]

Dental Check up on 19/09/2019

A very brief examination which yielded no issues of concern. The dentist was very impressed with the condition of Fela's teeth.

Testing report on 09/22/2019

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Flip Out Monday 16 September

From today, staff will need to take £6 from the petty cash with them to each trampoline session. Flip Out have just implemented a £1 booking fee for online bookings so it no longer makes sense to book online. Remember to get a receipt when you pay at reception. Thank you for your co-operation! Carla