Pillow protectors NEW

Today I brought 4 new pillow protectors to the house. I tried one on Fela's pillow; it is slightly bigger than the pillow but should be okay. The three unopened packs are in the wooden ottoman upstairs with the rest of his bedding. They are not to be tumble dried or ironed and can be […]

Evening Routine UPDATE

Fela's evening routine has just been updated with the following changes: – Face scrub is applied each night in the bath as indicated on the Activity Planner. Previously it was on alternate nights. – Fela ONLY wears PJ shorts to bed in summer and winter. Previously he would wear long PJ bottoms in winter but […]

Gym membership CANCELLED

Please be aware that Fela's gym membership at the Wallace Sports Centre has now been cancelled. This was decided because Fela was not accessing the gym regularly. However, he can still attend the gym on a pay-as-you-go basis at a charge of £3.50 per session. It is hoped that in the Autumn we can book […]

Menu wc 15 May

This week's menu has now been updated to the website. Remember to always: -have some ice lollies in the freezer for Fela especially now that the weather is getting warmer. The moulds can be filled with the fruit smoothies in the fridge. – carry two pieces of fruit in Fela's rucksack for emergencies e.g. to […]

Activities wc Sunday 15 May

The Activity Planner is now updated for the week ahead. Kindly be reminded that if Fela is on a caution, amber or red alert, staff will need to ring Carla at the end of the morning handover. The highlights for the week ahead: – Monday – Education at 14:00 – 15:00. -Tuesday – Vue cinema […]

Staff ID Cards

You will be pleased to know that each member of staff now has an official Team Fela photo ID card. They are currently in Fela's wallet in his rucksack and are to be kept there for safekeeping along with Fela's ID card. When next you are on shift, you can check that yours is there. […]

Green Door Cycling CONFIRMED

Cycling at Green Door has been confirmed for this Thursday 12 May from 11:00 – 12:00. Before setting off, remember to click on the activity for further information. Happy Cycling! Carla

Menu wc 8 May

The menu for the week ahead is now available online. Please ONLY give Fela ONE full plate of food for his mains. The rest can serve as leftovers for another day. Sunday is his cheat day when he is allowed to indulge a bit more. This is part of his weight loss programme. Thank you […]

Activities wc Sunday 8 May

The Activity Planner has now been updated. The outline will be ready for printing tomorrow when the new week begins. The highlights of the week are as follows: – Car wash and return to Education on Monday. – Cinema on Tuesday. – Drumming at the new time of 11:00 on Wednesday – Arts & Crafts […]

Additional Quercetin & Bromelain

Hi all Just to let you know as per Carla's email on 5th May, regarding the additional Quercetin & Bromelain, I have added this extra supplement to his evening supplements, fela will now have Quercetin & Bromelain x 1, Kalms x 2 and Probiotics x 1, commencing tomorrow Sunday 8th May