Car Equipment URGENT

Just to remind you all that each of the two cars needs to have the following kept in them now that the winter weather is here: – grit kept in the boot [ grit can be transferred to black bags from the big box in the garage]. – de-icer kept in box in the boot. […]

Bedtime Kalms UPDATE

From tonight, Kalms x 1 is to be re-instated into Fela's supplement regimen as his bedtime supplement. Please record this on the Food Record. It is hoped this will help Fela sleep better in the week ahead. Kingsley has been advised accordingly. Thank you for your co-operation! Carla

Aquafit CANCELLED tomorrow

Please be aware there is no Aquafit booking tomorrow 17 November due to the class being full. A booking has been made for the following Friday 24 November. Please try your best to ensure that Fela has some form of vigorous physical activity tomorrow as this will help to improve his sleep. Thank you for […]

Telephone/Zoom tonight

Please be aware that the guidelines for the Zoom/telephone chat tonight are now available on the Activity Planner. Looking forward to speaking with you all! Carla


Jubilee 2 texted last night to let us know that the Aquafit class has been cancelled for today 3 November. This is due to some structural repairs that are being done in the pool. Fela's booking has been carried forward until next Friday 10 November. As an alternative, please offer Fela a choice between a […]

New Bedroom Camera & Memories

Hi Everyone I have installed a new camera in the bedroom, so you can now see him sleeping from both sides of the bed. Kingsley has sent me a photo and video of Fela making his ice lollies which is in Happy Memories. Please remember to take photos/videos of Fela doing activities and send them […]

Tesco Shopping

Just to let you know the Tesco order will be slightly later this month. I will book click and collect for this Friday 3 November and order for the whole month to last until our return from Barbados on 3 December. Michael and I will pick it up and deliver it to the house on […]

Winter Duvet UPDATE

For the last two nights, Fela has been using his winter duvet. The temperatures have been falling below 10 degrees celcius overnight. Now that Autumn has started and the weather is colder, please continue to use Fela's winter duvet. The summer duvets can now be folded and put away in Fela's wardrobe. Thank you for […]

Dressing Fela for Cold Weather

Please remember to dress Fela warmly now that it is Autumn/Winter: – grey/green/blue vest (white vests good for staying indoors following exercise as they are cooler) . – long-sleeved shirt (short-sleeved shirts are to be folded and put in drawers upstairs) – hoodie or jumper when going out. – black jacket or green coat when […]