Menu wc 28 November

This week's menu is now available on the website. Please try to avoid food waste by only cooking what Fela and staff will eat, stewing fruit for sauces, crumbles etc., parboiling and freezing veg before they go off. Happy Cooking & Bon Appetit! Carla

Activities wc Sunday 28 November

The Activity Planner for the week ahead is now live. Remember to: – click on the individual activity for further details. – wear appropriate clothing for any outdoor activities. – ensure there is grit and de-icer in the boot of the car. *Please note that there is no drumming this week. Have a safe & […]

Fela’s keloids UPDATE

Following a telephone consultation with Dr. Singh, Fela's plastic surgery consultant, he recommends that we increase Fela's keloid cream to three times per day. This should increase the moisturizing effect, and soothe the itchiness. You may apply it in the afternoon after exercise as follows: -Clean Fela's face with witch hazel. -Apply keloid cream liberally […]

Activities wc Sunday 21 November

This week's Activity Planner is now live. Please note that Fela's facial trim is now a daily activity before his bath. This will hopefully help to relieve his obvious discomfort from itching. Have a safe & adventurous week! Carla

Activities wc Sunday 14 November

The Activity Planner is now live and ready for printing. Remember to click on each activity for further details. Have a peaceful & positive week! Carla

weighted blanket

Hi everyone From tonight (Tuesday 9th) Fela will be having his weighted blanket put back in of a night time, This is going to be trial to see if it makes any difference to Fela asleep, We will see how Fela sleeps with it and adjust accordingly. thank you claire

Cold & Flu Recovery

This is to make you aware that Fela's cold and flu treatments have now ended as he appears to have recovered. I administered echinacea x 2 caps this morning. This should suffice unless you notice further symptoms. He may still sign for lemon and possibly ginger in his tea but he should not need honey […]

Menu wc 7 November

This week's menu has just been uploaded. Happy Cooking & Bon Appetit! Carla