Cycling at Green Door CONFIRMED

I have just booked Fela and staff to cycle at Green Door this Friday 12 April from 11:30 – 12:30. Hopefully, the weather will be dry and warmer so you can attend, but if you are unable to attend please call to cancel. They have a new number which is a landline that I have […]

Sleep Mix UPDATE

I have just consulted with the Medical Herbalist who prepares Fela's Sleep mix. I updated her on the current challenges with Fela's sleep, and she has approved the increase of the dose from 10ml to 15ml. Hence from tonight the Sleep Mix is to be increased to 15ml each night. The Food Record is to […]

Activities wc 7 April

Please be aware that the Planner can only show a maximum of 12 Activities. This is due to the limitation of the software. If I put on more than 12 Activities, the extra activities are automatically removed. e.g. today there is no more space for: – Telephone Mama – Facial trim before bath. Please ensure […]

Activities & Menu wc Sunday 7 April

The Activity Planner and Menus will be finalised in the morning, and will be ready for printing at 9:30. Please ensure the lamb shoulder is taken out of the freezer so it will be ready for cooking tomorrow morning as Fela and staff will be having lunch at his house. Thank you for your co-operation! […]

Tesco collection UPDATE

Please be aware that Tesco collection by Carla & Michael is booked for this Friday 5 April. The Tesco inventory is due to be completed tomorrow. Please ensure it is emailed or texted to Carla by tomorrow evening so she can finalise the order on Thursday night. Thank you for your co-operation! Carla

Sunday Visit CANCELLED

This is to let you know that this coming Sunday 7 April, Carla and Michael will be taking a break from hosting Fela and team members for lunch. Fela will have lunch at his home, and his usual treat of fish and chips from Milton Chippy or chicken and chips from Indian Grill for dinner. […]


An old Breville kettle was sent back to the house yesterday. It had a 'faulty' label on it, but I tested it three times, and it appeared to be working. I also cleaned it inside and outside, and descaled it. This is for temporary use, until the bank holiday weekend is over, and we can […]


Michael has just reminded me that he bought some oxtail for Fela from the butcher's last week. Fela loves oxtail because he loves chewing meat off the bone. It is to be taken back home with Fela this evening. Please replace Tuesday's menu as follows: – Caribbean pepperpot beef stew to be replace by Slow […]

Activities wc Sunday 31 March & Menus

The Activity Planner and Menus will be finalised in the morning, and should be ready for printing by 9:30 tomorrow. Thank you for your patience! Carla