Good Neighbourliness

Fela's neighbour at number 8 Deepdale Close has a driveway attached to Fela's driveway. They do not want Fela to come on to their drive and touch their windows and door. Please be very attentive when Fela is leaving or entering the house. Ask him to go straight into his house and guide him gently […]

Activities wc Sunday 29 January

The Activity Planner will be ready for printing tomorrow morning. Remember there is no family visit tomorrow. A social story is to be read to Fela in the morning, and will reflect the day's activities. Please try your best to accompany Fela to church if he is calm enough to go out in public. *Please […]

Menu wc Sunday 29 January

This week's menu is now available on the website and ready for printing. Please try your best to follow the Menu Guide attached to the fridge for measurements and portion sizes. Happy Mealtimes! Carla

Sunday visit CANCELLED 29 January

This is to let you know that there will be NO Sunday visit to Green Pastures on 29 January. Mama and Michael like to have a break from hosting once per month. The visit will resume the following Sunday 5 February. Hopefully, Fela will be in the right state and keen to go to church. […]


Hi to aid matters when you go shopping I have purchased an A5 clipboard for the shopping list – makes it easier to tick off items as you shop with Fela. The clipboard is to be kept in the staff room and retuned there after shopping. Thanks Michael

Meet & Greet with Mina

This is a reminder that Mina will be joining the team tomorrow Wednesday 25th January at 17:00. She will stay on to shadow on the evening shift. The Activity Planner has been updated to reflect this change. A social story is available if you click on the activity – it is to be printed and […]

Bin Day Calendar

There is now a Bin Day Calendar which is attached to the inside of the hall cupboard door above the Household Tasks Rota. The wheelie bins are to be put out every Monday night according to the Household Tasks Rota. The right bin will be collected on Tuesday morning e.g. tomorrow it's the grey bin. […]

Activities & Menu wc Sunday 22 January

The Activity Planner is now live and ready for printing in its outline format. You will need to click on each activity for more details. The menu is also ready for printing. Have a safe & adventurous week! Carla

Car Cleaning Kit NEW

Fela now has a car cleaning kit of three attachments to be used with his new VAX vacuum cleaner. They are: – textile tool: to remove dust and dirt from upholstery. – stretch hose: extends to reach confined spaces. – tough dirt tool: this clips on to the textile tool and its tough bristles remove […]

NEW Vacuum cleaner

Fela has a new vacuum cleaner – 'Vax Air Stretch Max'. It comes with 4 accessories or attachments – all kept in hall cupboard 1. Please read the important sections of the instruction guide before use e.g. 'diagram of parts', 'how to start using' and 'do's and don'ts'. The instruction guide has been pinned to […]