Pre-operative Assessment Service on 28/06/2022

Fela's date of birth, medical records, medication and contact details were double-checked. It was asked whether he had any major medical conditions e.g. heart issues, diabetes, thyroid issues etc. She was informed that Fela is not on any medication – only supplements and herbal remedies which were given. Also, Fela has no major health issues. […]

Dental check up on 10/06/2022

I expressed my concern that Fela had been rattling his teeth from top to bottom on and off for several months. She had a look and confirmed that his teeth were in good condition and there was nothing broken or damaged.

Follow up examination of Fela’s facial keloids on 22/03/2022

Dr. Singh was pleased with the condition of Fela's keloids. After 6 weeks of using the E45 cream twice a day, the keloid skin is visibly smoother. He recommends Fela have a follow up bilateral cryosurgery on his keloids. He is aiming for the end of May or June 2022. Fela was sent to clinical […]

Learning disability health check on 01/03/2022

Fela saw Nicola, the practice nurse, before the doctor. She took his blood pressure, weighed him, measured his pulse. Fela chose to lie down on the bed as I think he is used to doing this at the hospital. I informed her that at the hospital in August, as part of his pre-op assessment, his […]

Eye test on 22/02/2022

Fela conducted himself very well, and complied with all the optician's requests. It was determined that he has near 20/20 vision with only very slight short-sightedness. He does not require glasses.

Telephone consultation with Plastic Surgeon on 08/02/2022

Dr. Singh was emailed photos of Fela's keloids and under chin taken on 7 February – the day before. He expressed concern that Fela's left keloid has grown. He said that it will cause itching as it grows. He was not concerned about raised skin i.e. granulation as he said it will decrease in size […]

Fitting of new orthotic insoles on 07/12/2021

Two pairs of insoles were provided. One was placed in Fela's wide fit sketchers and after testing with his fingers, he deemed it to be a good fit. Fela was asked whether it was a thumbs up or thumbs down and he gave it a thumbs up or good. I brought Fela's Scarpa trainers and […]

Telephone consultation to discuss Fela’s keloids on 23/11/2021

After looking at photos of Fela's left keloid which was causing him irritation, Dr Singh re-assured us that the keloids were looking and behaving normally: -The itching Fela is experiencing is normal. -The hardness of the left keloid indicates that the cells inside are dying. Later on it will become soft. – the thin hairs […]

orthotics re-assssment on 09/11/2021

The outcome of the app is the lady we saw today has recommended that they make the insole out of hard plastic and on top of that they will be like a foam topping so it will make it comfortable for Fela to walk on. She said the benefits of the plastic bottom are they […]

Pre-op assessment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham on 11/08/2021

The nurse, Geri, went through Fela's medical information and asked some questions. Afterwards she took some blood from Fela in order to test so they can have a matching sample on standby in the unlikely event he should need blood during his operation. The anaesthetist answered our questions and concerns about blood transfusions, and requested […]