White Willow UPDATE

A new brand of White Willow bark is about to be opened. Please bear in mind that the dose per capsule is higher than the previous brand. Fela cannot have more than 4 capsules per day. Therefore the new guideline is to administer 'Nature’s Way' White Willow (800mg per cap) x 2 – twice during […]

District Nurse visits

The district nurse clinical lead, Julie, visited today. She will pick up a swab of Fela's left keloid tomorrow morning which will be sent to the lab. A photo of Fela's left keloid will need to be emailed to Carla so she can email it to the plastic surgeon tomorrow. This is to ensure that […]

Activities wc Sunday 25 September

The Activity Planner is now live. A few updates are still pending so please do not print until Monday morning. Please bear in mind that the District nurse visits are still ongoing this week but the days are not set in stone. Please go ahead with your scheduled plans unless Carla informs you otherwise. She […]

NO Sunday Visit

This is to let you know that there will be NO Sunday visit to Green Pastures on 25 September. The visit will resume the following Sunday as Mama and michael like to have a break once per month. Hopefully, Fela will be well enough to go to church, then he will have Sunday lunch at […]


Hi everyone, Please when going for walk with fela to different parks can we please make sure we are only going to pre-approved parks this is for number of reason. 1. All pre-approv3d parks have been risk assessment for fela. 2. We know that the grounds are suitable for fela and also what shoes he […]

Activities UPDATE

The Activity Planner is now live and ready for printing. Remember you will only be able to print the outline so please click on each activity for more details. The District Nurse is due on Tuesday and Thursday this week at a time yet to be determined so staff and Fela will need to stay […]

Activities wc Sunday 18 September

I am still in the process of updating the Activity Planner. It will be finalised by tomorrow night. Due to Fela's post-surgery recovery and having to wait in for visits from the district nurse, this week there will be NO church, Education with Liz, Drumming, Green Door or Aquafit. Thank you for your patience! Carla

Menu wc 18 September

This week's menu has just been uploaded to the website. Happy Mealtimes! Carla

District Nurse feedback

The out-of-hours district nurse, Sharon, visited Fela today in the evening after several calls to insist that they come. I noticed that Fela's left eye has a lot of swelling around it such that the eye is half-closed. She has reported that there are no obvious signs of infection, and that Fela seems okay in […]