29/01/2023 – Sleep shift – robert taber

Shift Report: Fela woke up at 7.20am , fela then went to the toilet , fela was on the toilet for a while, fela had a large bowl movement, then he had his supplements and banana, fela then got undressed and got into the shower, Marc and Ruth arrived, I did the handover with mark […]

29/01/2023 – Evening shift – robert taber

Shift Report: Came on shift with Kingsley and Anne, Dan did the handover, I ordered the chips from Milton chippy, fela was relaxing in his chair , later I went to get fish and chips, when I arrived back to felas I laid the table, fela went to the toilet and sat down, we sed […]

29/01/2023 – Evening shift – anne maingi

Shift Report: Came for the evening shift with Rob.dan and Kingsley gave the hand over. I went upstairs and made felas bed,and removed all the clothes which were inside the dryer after they got dry. Updated tye board with fela. Rob made the order for the food at Milton chippy and after 20 mints he […]

29/01/2023 – Day shift – kingsley osei

Shift Report: Reported for my shift with DW and RC gave a handover. RC and PN had done his morning routine and prepared his breakfast. Social story for today’s activity was shown to Fela and the TEACCH board was done with him, he pick going to church so I got him prepared and ready for […]

29/01/2023 – Day shift – daniel washington

Shift Report: On arrival Fela was finishing his breakfast and taking his breakfast. He then sat on the sofa to relax. I printed out the social story for today and Fela chose church straight away, Fela was very happy. He relaxed until 10.30 when he put on his shoes used the toilet and put on […]

26/01/2023 – Training shift – mina adomako

Shift Report: Had training on team fela at Michael and Carla’s resident on 26/1/23. Time started was 14:05hrs. Training was facilitated by Carla Cornelius and Michael Cornelius ( managers). Michael begun by having interaction with me in order to know me better.After which he talked about the life history of fela. He went further to […]

Good Neighbourliness

Fela's neighbour at number 8 Deepdale Close has a driveway attached to Fela's driveway. They do not want Fela to come on to their drive and touch their windows and door. Please be very attentive when Fela is leaving or entering the house. Ask him to go straight into his house and guide him gently […]

29/01/2023 – Evening shift – ruth cooper

Shift Report: got to felas at 4 30,he was watching a film on setee,had hand over ,I prepared dinner with Mina and Kingsley ,Fela said his prayer and ate his dinner,he sat and did foot physio and used his foot spa ,he was falling asleep ,so we had Carla phone him ,he had chat ,and […]

28/01/2023 – Training shift – paul njenga

Shift Report: Came on my second night training shift with Ruth, Fela was already in the bath, after taking the bath fela on his bedroom getting ready to go to bed, gave him his evening routine before going to bed he was already in bed by 9.50, Fela was already asleep by 10:10, he woke […]