21/06/2024 – Sleep shift – Esther Ogbonnaya

Shift Report: Fela had his sleepmix and was out of bath at 9.30pm, dried up, and we went upstairs to complete his night routine. Said night prayers and gave a head massage. Left Fela in bed at 10.01, he slept at 10.08. He slept through and woke up at 5.26am. I went up with his […]

21/06/2024 – Evening shift – Esther Ogbonnaya

Shift Report: Arrival at Fela’s this evening, took handover from Dan and Mina and signed petty cash. Went to say hello to Fela, he was vocal unhappy and asked for 5. I went to him after he was calm and updated the board with Fela for the rest of the evening. We bounced on the […]

21/06/2024 – Day & Evening shift – mina adomako

Shift Report: Came for day and evening duty. Said hello to Fela who had finished with his breakfast. Marc handed over to us and and the petty cash signed. Carla called to advise us on today’s activities then TEACCH board was updated. Household chores done. He was offered hand therapy with fidget toys. He had […]

21/06/2024 – Day shift – daniel washington

Shift Report: On arrival Fela had finished with his breakfast and was on the toilet. Had handover from Marc and petty cash was signed. Board was updated and Fela was given the spikey ball to play with. chores were started. Carla rang to advise us to offer Fela indoor activities due the the pollen being […]

20/06/2024 – Sleep shift – marc hancock

Shift Report: Assisted Fela from the bath, had sleep mix, dried and we went upstairs . Went through the night routine. Brushed his teeth and used the toilet. Became quite vocal for a while, sat on toilet for a while whilst vocal. Calmed and Got into bed, said prayer, had massage, music on low and […]

20/06/2024 – Evening shift – marc hancock

Shift Report: Arrived on evening shift, said hello to Fela, had a handover from Ritik and Shahab, checked petty cash. Went through the board, Shahab prepared the dinner and I did petty cash on line catchup. Fela then got ready , used toilet then sat, we all said prayer and ate. After he had his […]

20/06/2024 – Day & Evening shift – Shahab Salih

Shift Report: Reached at Fela home he was settled in the lounge on sofa say hello to Fela. RP came in and we took handover from Mina. Petty cash counted and signed by everyone. Teacch bord updated and all the chores done by us. Fela had his snack and tea. Fela got ready for the […]

27/06/2024 – Day shift – ritik pal

Shift Report: I came for my day shift with SS. Fela was in his dining room and was listening to the music. I met and greeted fela. We took handover from WA. We updated his TEACCH board and fela accepted. Then, We started doing our everyday chores. Fela went to the toilet and we changed […]

19/06/2024 – Sleep shift – mina adomako

Shift Report: Fela was out of bath by 9:36pm and he had his sleep mixed. We went upstairs for his evening routine and he was in bed by 10:15pm and he slept around 11:13pm and woke up at 3:50am and was prompted to the loo which he did. He came back and slept around 5:15am. […]

19/06/2024 – Day & Evening shift – daniel washington

Shift Report: On arrival Fela had just finished with his drink at the dining table. We had handover from Esther and signed the petty cash. Said hello to Fela, once he removed his apron the board was updated Fela chose a walk at Burslem Park. Fela was given his spikey ball to play with while […]