23/01/2021 – Day shift – emma bowden

Shift Report:

On arriving fela was just finishing his cup of tea in bed. We had handover and then Zoe supported fela with his morning routine. I did fela his breakfast and then he came down and got his apron. Fela ate well and then it took fela quite some time to finish his supplements. Zoe did the board and then after a while we got ready to go out for a walk. Fela used the toilet and then got his shoes, coat and hat on and then we had a lovely snowy walk round the neighbourhood. We returned home and then fela used the toilet and due to being wet he changed his clothes. Fela became slightly agitated while in the bathroom and was in the for around 40 minutes just sitting in the toilet. He got off and washed his hands and then sat down for lunch. He ate so well and then had some fruit. I cleaned felas keloids. Fela became agitated at the table. This lasted only seconds. He took his apron off and then he lay down on the sofa. Alicia put fela a dvd on. Fela was quiet for around 40 minutes but unsure if he was asleep. He got up and used the toilet (small b.m) and then lay back and Alicia cleaned his keloids. He used the toilet again about 20 minutes and had a small b.m. He then sat back down and had snack and is now finishing his film

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 4 – Agitated Fela has been agitated twice only lasting seconds Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Neighbourhood walk