23/10/2020 – Evening shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:

I arrived for my shift and fela was watching film and having snack. I went and had hand over from adele and teresa.

Once fela filmed Ahmad finished I did board with fela then he had his supplements and I put louie Armstrong on for fela.

We sat down for dinner fela said prayer well and ate neat and tidy. After dinner fela went sat on his rocking chair while his dinner settled listening to greatest showman. We sat with fela I then cleaned and creamed fela keliods

We then did walk at home. I started doing walk at home with adele and fela then fela finished doing walk at home with adele. Fela did very well and worked up good sweat.
After walk at home fela was asked if he wanted dvd or music and fela choice music. Myself and adele sat with fela for bit then did some chores. Fela had snack and drink. I when I went back in to fela I notice he had knocked his hot chocolate over the floor so prompted fela to help me clean it then I finished cleaning it.
Fela carried on relaxing to music and had been in a happy mood laughing nad clapping. Then to baseline

I prompted fela to use the toilet he used the toilet and past urine fela then got in to the bath and support fela to complete personal care

Fela is happily splashing in the bath

All supplements taken


Arousal States – Start: 2a – Vocal End: 2a – Vocal Did his state change? Yes to 1 Baseline Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Walk at home with nick