Activities wc Sunday 28 January

Please be aware the Activity Planner has been updated, but will be checked in the morning before printing at 9:30.
The time of evening exercise has been changed from Monday – Friday to just before dinner – 5-5.45pm.
Fela has not been getting enough exercise in the evenings and as a result he has put on quite a bit of weight. Also, he only wants to do sensory activities after 7pm which suggests he is too tired by then to do exercise.
This new timing may take a while to get used to but hopefully it will work better for Fela:
– 5-5.45pm: choice of 3 different home workouts – gym ball, stretching or walk at home.
-7 – 7.45pm: foot physio & HANDLE/brain boosting, sensory activities.

Thank you for your co-operation!