Activities wc Sunday 3 September

The Activity Planner has now been finalised.
Please be aware of the following:
– Tabletop Activities are now called 'Education at Home' because these activities are not limited to the table.
– Twilight Walk has been removed in the evenings.
– Fela now has 4 options of evening activities – always offer him fitness first e.g. walk at home, stretching and gym ball. If all else fails, you can offer him a sensory massager.

Highlights this week:
– Monday – No education to be put on TEACCH board. Fela to resume education next Monday 11 September.
– Wednesday – Mama & Michael to take Fela to dinner at Toby's Carvery to celebrate his education certificates.
– Thursday – Gym & sauna with Mama.
– Friday – Aquafit
– Saturday – Drumming x 1 hour.

Have a positive & productive week!