Hi All.

On our shift report, we now have a section to fill in, with what chores we have done and what chores we have not done, please can we make sure that we fill in both sections.

We need to be following the chore list in the cleaning cupboard, at all times, so that these chores are completed, not choosing what we want to do.

We need to look on handover, before we start our shift, what chores have not been done on the previous shift and we need to try and complete these as well, if we have the time.

You can access this by :-

Go in the staff room.

Click on reports.

Click on view reports.

At the top you will see chores status, click on this.

You will then be able to see what chores have and have not been done.

We really need to be following the cleaning rota so things are not left to other staff to do.

I do understand that if Fela is having a bad day, or a very busy day, that some chores are unable to be completed and this is acceptable.

We all need to be working together as a team, to enable this to work.

I will be making regular checks on this and I will be speaking to people who are not following it and asking for valid reasons why not.