Fela Medical Consultation UPDATE

Unfortunately, the Medical Consultation Report from Fela's Health Check on Tuesday 28 March is not showing on the website. Michael is trying to resolve the issue.
Rest assured that all the readings for blood pressure and heart, lungs and bowel sounds were normal.
Referrals were requested by me to the Learning Disability Team to address his anxiety and compulsive behaviours. Also, a referral is being made to the learning disability dietician to guide us with his weight management.
Regarding his haemorrhoids, we will continue to monitor this as it is not a regular occurrence.
Regarding his athlete's foot fungus, it was agreed that I will buy some indoor slippers which allow him to ventilate his toes.
*He is due to see the plastic surgeon to assess his facial keloids on Tuesday 11 April at a Birmingham Hospital. Michael and I will take him there.

Thank you for your co-operation!